Payment Options

No Insurance

  • Easy! Our Care Plans and simple payment arrangements have helped over 1,000 people and will work great for you too!

Health Insurance

  • These days, insurance pays very little if anything for natural drugless care to get you healthy. So we make it easy!
  • We will verify any benefits you may have and send your claims in to your insurance for you.
    If they pay anything after your deductible is met, we will accept payment directly from them.
  • You are responsible for any deductible, co-insurance, co-pays and unpaid visits
    Of course you can use your HSA, HRA and Flex dollars here!
  • For your convenience, all payment arrangements are made in advance.
  • We are in network with the following insurance providers: Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, UMR, United Healthcare, Forward Health, Medicare, Humana.

Auto Injury

  • Auto-related injuries are covered at 100%. Even if you were at fault or were a passenger. You can get the care you need and it costs you nothing. Great for you!
  • All we need is your claim number, insurance, and attorney info.

Work Injury

  • Work injuries are covered at 100% for up to 12 weeks.
  • All we need is your claim number and Work Comp ins. info.


  • Regardless of your condition, Medicare pays for up to a maximum of 12 weeks of care. They have very strict rules and limitations.
  • After this you will receive a significant Medicare discount. We simply need a copy of your Medicare card.

Chiropractic Care Covered By The VA

Dr. Brandon Dyrdahl – VA Preferred Provider

Instructions-Veterans with VA PCP

Contact your VA primary care provider and request a referral for chiropractic care with Dr. Brandon Dyrdahl.

Instructions- Veterans without VA PCP

Contact your local veteran care coordinator to schedule an exam and request a referral for chiropractic care with Dr. Brandon Dyrdahl.

VA Community Care Coordinator

Phone (877)881-7618